Complete code sets are available to verified users only. General; Utilities; Control Apps, Systems, and Drivers; Global Connect; iTach Flex; iTach; GC-100; Promoted articles. I've looked at the traffic on the network and seen the ip2ir transmit the signal. The purpose of the receiver is for capture of button IR codes from your existing remote controls. iLearn (version 2.9) – This .exe file is the companion application for our IR products, including all iTach and iTach Flex models, the GC-IRL, and the GC-IRE (with attached GC-RG1). The ip2ir unit is seeing the ir signal and transferring it across the network but the ilearn software isn't seeing it. View details » iConvert iConvert is for converting IR … Learning can be done with: • The GC-IRL connected using an USB-Serial adapter • The GC-IRL connected to a GC100 unit or an serial iTach (Flex) unit • An iTach unit (including the i… Read the iLearn Release Notes for version based changes. I'm having a few problems trying to learn ir codes from the global cache ip2ir unit. Global Caché is committed to providing the highest level of customer support. Global Caché Support Portal. View details » iLearn iLearn is used to learn your IR codes from your remotes. New Tutorials added to Website! ‎iLearn is used to learn IR codes from your remote controls using the GC-IRL or an iTach (Flex) unit from Global Caché. In this way these Global Caché devices learn how to behave the same as your remotes. iLearn is a utility that allows for learning IR codes from an IR remote. View details » iTest iTest can be used to test commands with Global Caché units. Flex Firmware -21 released; Utilities Updated, Unreliable learning issues fixed in iLearn 2.7; New Functionality in Our Updated Utilities! For more information, email Support. A guide covering the setup and configuration of Global Caché Wi-Fi. If you are an official Global Caché partner and have a signed addendum on file, please enter your assigned username and password. iHelp can be used to find your Global Caché units in your network. The Global Caché software tool iLearn is … Each Global Caché device also contains an integral IR receiver. How to use Global Caché IR learners with the Global Caché iLearn application << Last Page Next Page >>. We know that our customers are seeking partners, not just suppliers, and our goal is to exceed your expectations. This utility allows for the capture of IR commands, conversion between Global Caché and Hex (CCF) formats. The video covers the GC WF2IR, but also applies to WF2SL and WF2CC devices. Tutorial on using IR devices with HCA and the Global Cache GC-100.

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