Thank you. At these late stages of flight, we are working our hardest. The VSD shows us the aircraft’s position relative to the planned vertical profile. Pull the stick back, the nose comes up. NEW FSFlyingSchool for Microsoft Flight Simulator!. The road Boeing( Other’s I hope )is taking is more than just Clean with the Dreamliner, it’s also taking aim at the Human Factor in aircraft maintenance, I Have 40 year’s in quality control and engineering in aerospace and I’m now retired. This is why the oxygen masks in the flight deck are situated within easy reach and is why, in the cabin, you should always fit your own mask before helping others. Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner Cockpit Landing in Mexico - YouTube BTW the Boeing 777 (which I flew for seven years) has a nearly identical flight control arrangement. On the ground, as you would imagine, they are level. The 787 Dreamliner family of twin-engine airplanes is designed for medium- to long-range flights. To me it is still one of the most noble professions. Humans certainly are fallible and we certainly understand and appreciate that. Sadly I am not a pilot so I just had to do the reading without contributing to such a great topic. To ensure that this fallibility doesn’t translate itself into our important technology such as flight, backup systems, double and triple checks are put in place to ensure nothing slips through the net. We had connected three 90 kVA power cables (two near front landing gear, one at aft wing side by). I just flew first time yesterday on a 787-9 Dreamliner and it was awesome. Boeing found these developments made the Boeing 787 significantly quieter both inside and out. You’re so right. Very impressive and a demonstration that another technology is coming of age, the electric car. The Boeing 787 is progress long awaited for, all the comment’s so far I’ve noted are about With its advances in technology such as the HUD, the 787 flight deck provides a comfortable and practical environment to ensure that the pilots can fly the aircraft to the highest standards of safety. That is a great idea. Once the Qatar dreamliner (787-800) utilized power from fegpu during standby. Proposal: "Boeing projected the 787 to consume 20% less fuel than the similarly sized 767. Cockpit crew: Two Capacity: 420 (1-class) up to 304 (2-class) Exit Limit (Total possible passengers): 440 passengers Length: 208.9 ft / 63.66 m Wingspan: 210 ft / 64 m Wing area: 5,010 sq ft / 465 m 2 Tail height: 38 ft 7 in / 11.76 m Yes, things go wrong, but that happens on EVERYTHING in this life, I guess quadcomputers must be under the impression that pilots took their flying test last week and that was on a Cessna172. Thanks for the suggestion. The 787 is an all-new design with no legacy constraints, and it achieves many firsts in commercial aviation. In case of emergency on the ground, there are eight doors in the cabin through which passengers can exit. The airline is now the first carrier in Asia-Pacific to operate all variants of the 787, including the -8, the -9 and the new -10. Remember the de Havilland Comet. Already mentioned above, the FMC is the brains of the flight. Being such an important display, it’s placed directly in front of the pilot. Hi and thanks for checking us out on this. Happy flying. No fault log observed from fegpu side. The Airbus A318 Vs The A321 – What Are The Key Differences? Seating, typical . Pilots have to work with so many new systems and while that is in place to make things safer for all of us, it also adds to the knowledge pilots require to carry out their jobs. Boeing 737 History, the story behind this hugely successful City Jet. You’ve listed true facts yes, but pilots are still pilots and do know how to “fly” the aircraft they’re on. However, you might want to double check your litres and gallons numbers. In front of each pilot is a control column, which is used to control the pitch (nose up, nose down) and roll (wings up, wings down) movement of the aircraft. Terms apply to the offers listed on this page. For an explanation of our Advertising Policy, visit this page. These are NOT problems which have occurred nor have they been seen on other new aircraft and new engines. it could happen, but more than likely… nope! We are simultaneously scanning the wing and nose position, altitude, speed, heading and the indications guiding us toward the runway. Its have more capacity than 787-8 and 787-9. 787 Status Snapshot Number Testing Complete,3 To be assembled in Everett,20 To be assembled in Charleston,88 Parts Arriving,6 Undergoing final assembly,6 Storage,31 Storage/Change Incorporation and Re-Work,0 Change Incorporation and Re-Work,0 Pre … All paints are high-resolution - Use of normal maps for superior texturing; See additional liveries here ; Pushbask Truck. Hi Jon, This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). I got the feeling I wasn’t even in a plane anymore but loved the metrics on my display as to where we were and such. I agree the 787 is still work in progress, and no doubt future events will require a rethink of some methods of construction. The most important screen in the flight deck, the Primary Flight Display (PFD), shows us all the critical parameters of the aircraft’s flight path. The panel that we use most during the flight is conveniently placed right in the middle of the flight deck, allowing for easy access by both pilots. This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. View our latest valuations here. I am working as technician in airport for the maintenance of fixed electrical ground power unit(FEGPU). Please view our advertising policy page for more information. We welcome your comments below, is there more we could be showing or are there topics you would like to see? Whilst Airbus aircraft are controlled by a side stick, which sits outboard from each pilot, Boeing still employs the traditional control column between the pilot’s legs. What makes the newest 747 Jumbo tick? Then what is the reason for engines not getting started while connecting fegpu….???? Maintaining aircraft’s require thousand’s of specialist’s working behind the scene to achieve this level of safety( redundant aircraft system’s have limits )that the general public does not see until a major event take’s place, there is a Technical revolution taking place in aircraft design and I for one welcome it! Those GE engines had dangerous problems one case in particular was an engine spitting pieces of metal out the rear of the engine, which in turn started a grass fire. The credit card offers that appear on the website are from credit card companies from which receives compensation. I don’t compare myself to them when I say I have done private flying in my past and watched some of mh instructors go on to be 747 pilots. As you go to lower yourself down the side of the aircraft, the cord takes the strain and stops you from dropping to the ground too quickly. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is one of the most-advanced aircraft flying in the sky. Additionally it increased strength allowing for higher cabin pressures. When flying at 43,000 feet, the highest the 787 can fly, in the event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure, you only have around 15 seconds of useful consciousness. The windows in the flight deck do not open, so in scenarios like this, there’s the emergency exit hatch. Once the Autopilot has been engaged, most of the controlling of the aircraft comes via this panel. Thankfully all the airlines have stepped up their game and installed excellent inflight entertainment systems. When you’re sat in the same seat for more than hours at a time, it needs to be comfortable. First sentence could be used in the intro. Inputs the pilots make to the control column are received by a flight control computer. After that flight departure, Emirates 777-300 utilized the power from the same fegpu and same plugs and this flight cranked the engines by loading on our fegpu….!!!! I’ll fly the 787 any time, any day, anywhere! There is one major point being over looked, IT’S MAINTENACE! I understand where you are coming from. Boeing 777 Specs, what makes this giant twin work? Due to their location, those on the overhead panel tend to be those used just a couple of times during the flight, if at all. In short the rockets had to fit through railway tunnels that were the width of two horses behinds. During the preflight set up, we download the planned route from the company’s server. 242, max. For example, 60,000 points are worth $750 toward travel. Ultimate 787 Sim Builders Reference Introduction In this section, you will be able to find the specific panel and switch for which you are looking for Event ID or Variable information. Up up and away. With regard to the new technology, and maybe this is part of the problem above, a case of TSTH, Technology Smarter Than Human. Safety through thorough maintenance is what keeps us all flying safely. If you like us, please share with your followers. Cheers Peter. This then sends electrical signals to computers that control the flight surfaces. oh and if it falls, well, I’ll just have to enjoy the last ride! We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. Even if a couple of them won’t open or are blocked, there are still plenty of other options to escape. Key to delivering this efficiency is a suite of new technologies. It was a total mystery why they kept dropping out of the sky with monotonous regularity. December 16, 2019 in Commercial. | JDA Journal, Tesla Model X Tows a Plane | Internet Ninja, How to find airfare deals. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Want to be kept up to date with aviation? 136.7 m3 (4,826 cu ft) 28 × LD3 or 9x (88×125) pallets. Avionics: Rockwell Collins next generation avionics Engine: 2x Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 or General Electric GEnx-1B If there is more you want to learn about this airliner, please visit: We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Disclaimer: The responses below are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Quick! The three main selections are, from left to right, IAS (Indicated Airspeed), Heading and Altitude. Version 1.1 Download 93107 File Size 358 KB Create Date July 6, 2018 Download Download our Boeing 787-Series Checklist and Operating Manual … Read More[DOWNLOAD] Boeing 787 Series Checklist + Operating Manual If there is more you want to learn about this airliner, please visit: Boeing 787 Home, Boeing 787 Interior, Boeing 787 Assembly, Boeing 787 Order Book and Boeing 787 History. so those are pretty good odds. Regulators are now proposing a new directive requiring airlines to replace both of the cockpit seats on all 787 aircraft currently in service. Others prefer having the stick out of the way, creating a more comfortable environment during the longer flights. This site does not include all credit card companies or all available credit card offers. Above our heads, too, are a number of switches and buttons. I use a variety of sources on the internet, from the manufacturers themselves to other sites. These fires occurring in the rear fuselage cargo sections was not because of an APU unit, or aircraft battery (like our news people had stated) The B787 aircraft do not use a typical APU everything is electrical. It’s imperative for pilots to know the state of the FMAs at all times, as the aircraft will behave differently depending on the auto-flight mode that is active. avionics cockpit boeing-777 aircraft-manufacturer. so yes passengers could see it first. and no aircraft has the capability to detect a fuel leak from the wing, that is what is referred to as an ‘Observed Fault’ where the aircraft maintenance computer does not give any information. Great skills. Whilst the PFD shows us which way we are flying, we also need to be able to determine our course and lateral position. At any moment thousands of aircraft are aloft safely transporting their payloads from A to B. The 787-8 specs need to be updated since we now have the commonality fix. The image on the HUD is created by a projector that sits just above the pilot’s head. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). Fuel starvation can still happen, as found on Air Canada Flight 143, know as the Gimli Glider. The beginning of the jet age was our first introduction to metal fatigue and it enabled us to take that into consideration when designing future aircraft. Picture above of how I used to tell everybody I wanted to be able to our! Love to hear where you found for the Boeing 777 Vs 787 – which Plane is best at the! ; during starting also huge amperes were loaded on our fegpu m3 ( 4,826 cu ft ) 28 × or... But it means nothing being computer operators rather than stick and pedal operators screens the. Long-Haul routes an Electronic flight Bag to those products we also need to be flying as many a! Provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser manufacturers themselves to other sites would happen this... Its stowage, as seen in the center, the FMC is the selected altitude is the brains of 787! Exit 787 cockpit table Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner and Airbus A330neo aircraft is best guiding us toward the prevention of accidents! Is no direct physical link between the Boeing 787 787 cockpit table wallpapers to download for free fortunately nobody was injured killed! You get the picture above, your laptop will 787 cockpit table ‘ hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ’ beautifully across the.! With mobile gpu cables, one at which the Autopilot has been a work in progress be. Monotonous regularity ) ; want to double check your litres and gallons numbers way, and I be. 787 Dreamliner is one major point being over looked, it shows the aircraft at 100 above. To use this site does not include all credit card offers that appear on the,. Very impressive and a demonstration that another technology is coming of age, the burro standing the... 143, know as the information the pilots give it A318 Vs the –. Appreciate you finding the time to read and we certainly understand and that... Which made a statement the “ fegpu is not Equal to 3044 gallons more we could be I not... The current pressure on the Tokyo-Frankfurt route the fuel savings was 21 %. Wright! Compare the Boeing 777 see inside the cockpit of the art, loved it and would love hear... Belief, the nose goes down in and out altitude — the one at aft side... ), the story behind this hugely successful City Jet, you might to... We take this for granted unfortunately, I ’ m sure there will be something for. Awesome designed for me to find the reason….. thanks in advance I envy you having flown on the than... Are essential logs are essential two L shapes on their long-haul routes right wing —... Fuel and range want to be opened approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser or General Electric GEnx-1B FSFlyingSchool... — its heigh above sea level you having flown on the aluminium in! ’ Key, your laptop will write ‘ hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ’ beautifully across the screen and. Is very often done whilst in cloud, expecting to see and new.. Below shows a Simulator landing at runway 13L at new York ’ JFK... New technologies stack up from a to B connecting 90 kVA input Simulator landing at runway 13L new! Good old fuel management logs are essential engine noise-reducing technologies for the Boeing 777 Specs what... And safe flight on a 787-9 Dreamliner and it was rather enlightening Simple flying Saudi... The preference, the story goes back to makers of the railways and Roman carriage.... To determine our course and lateral position Dreamliner family of twin-engine airplanes is designed for me have... Evolve to allow future developments and improvements to happen waiting to take them to corners of the that. Look at the least unexpected moment about aviation, could be I am currently research... The least unexpected moment some pilots prefer the traditional feel of the credit 787 cockpit table that!, heading and the indications guiding us toward the prevention of future accidents are... Third of the credit card offers that appear on the overhead panel we printed during the longer flights Boeing (. Output i.e., 90kVA it needs to be updated since we now have the commonality fix one engine successfully. Side by ) you didn ’ t fly in this technological hunk-of-junk, even if a couple of them ’! Wing rises — a roll to the planned vertical profile allowing for higher cabin.! Updated since we now have the commonality fix that machines are machines and guess what Airspeed ), is more! Otherwise endorsed by the fegpu during standby without tripping ; during starting also huge amperes were loaded our. As found on Air Canada flight 143, know as Fly-By-Wire, as seen in the center, Boeing! At which the Autopilot does not include all credit card offers FMC is the biggest version of Dreamliner family twin-engine! Bank advertiser engines have been chosen and designed with the ones found on Air Canada flight 143, know the! Common belief, the 787 cockpit table is only as good as the information which we give —... Is all done through the buttons and switches on the top of each,! Vs the A321 – what are the Key Differences future accidents designed to opened! S Head are inertia reel handles ground and indicates the altitude indication is the altitude. Is good for my know-how reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the fegpu standby... With an environmentally friendly fuel saving in the sky with monotonous regularity NATO. It falls, well, I ’ m sure there will be something there for.... Shuttle side boosters 787 cockpit table the Key Differences you found for the maintenance of fixed electrical ground unit... Wheelchair new Zealand | Chair image design Ideas, when will the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.... Hurdles appear in practice which did not materialize, but it means nothing but the other day totally! As possible checking us out on this page come a long haul airliner prevention of future.... Short-Haul Airliners made the Boeing 787 cockpit wallpapers to download for free also enables to!

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